Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I have recently gotten back into Krafties and got my whole family into it too!! It is a great substitute to breedables for me cause you don't have to pay to keep them alive and they don't get sick or die. Plus you can catch more pets with nets, which I love doing, kind of like catching pokemon but I think more fun! Nets cost $187L, so that is a really easy investment to be able to get more pets! There is also crafting, mining, quests, pvp battles...there is always something to do with your Krafties. With crafting you can make pickaxes so you can mine, food to heal your Krafties while they are in a battle and so much more!! All of it I find very fun! If you have never been to Kraftie Island you should check it out! If you want some help getting started just let me know and I would be more than happy to help! There is also a board with the CSR's and Guides info at Kraftie Island so you can always get the help you need, one day I hope to be a guide or csr there.

Some Suggestions:

  • Get your first pet, you can click on a temple at the Krafties Island or have someone with a Kraftie invite you. The pet is free!
  • Once you rez your first pet, name it. When you rez it for the first time you will get a box with your temples and the hud.
  • Wear the hud and your pet. You can either go to Krafties Island and battle pets or rez your Home Temple and battle wilds at your home or shop or where ever you can rez.
  • Fight, fight and fight wilds some more. Each wild Kraftie you kill you will get xp and an useful item that can be used for crafting. Try hards to get to total level of 10.
  • If you find you like it a lot, think about getting the gold membership for $750L. Not all of the benefits are activated yet but it is really worth it.
  • Go to the Kraftie Island once a day to get your free spin for energy. And if you are a gold member for your energy chest too.
  • Then as you  keep leveling and learning, look for big groups of people by the crafting area. You can help them while they craft, you have to click and link to their temple, you will get xp for help.
  • Join the groups and use the wiki as a resource for learning.
  • Have fun!!!
There's a lot more to Krafties, I will do more posts to explain as much as I can about Krafties. Leave a comment if you want me to cover something specific.

Kraftie Sites & Locations:

Krafties Island:
Krafties Website:
Krafties Blog:

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