Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I have recently gotten back into Krafties and got my whole family into it too!! It is a great substitute to breedables for me cause you don't have to pay to keep them alive and they don't get sick or die. Plus you can catch more pets with nets, which I love doing, kind of like catching pokemon but I think more fun! Nets cost $187L, so that is a really easy investment to be able to get more pets! There is also crafting, mining, quests, pvp battles...there is always something to do with your Krafties. With crafting you can make pickaxes so you can mine, food to heal your Krafties while they are in a battle and so much more!! All of it I find very fun! If you have never been to Kraftie Island you should check it out! If you want some help getting started just let me know and I would be more than happy to help! There is also a board with the CSR's and Guides info at Kraftie Island so you can always get the help you need, one day I hope to be a guide or csr there.

Some Suggestions:

  • Get your first pet, you can click on a temple at the Krafties Island or have someone with a Kraftie invite you. The pet is free!
  • Once you rez your first pet, name it. When you rez it for the first time you will get a box with your temples and the hud.
  • Wear the hud and your pet. You can either go to Krafties Island and battle pets or rez your Home Temple and battle wilds at your home or shop or where ever you can rez.
  • Fight, fight and fight wilds some more. Each wild Kraftie you kill you will get xp and an useful item that can be used for crafting. Try hards to get to total level of 10.
  • If you find you like it a lot, think about getting the gold membership for $750L. Not all of the benefits are activated yet but it is really worth it.
  • Go to the Kraftie Island once a day to get your free spin for energy. And if you are a gold member for your energy chest too.
  • Then as you  keep leveling and learning, look for big groups of people by the crafting area. You can help them while they craft, you have to click and link to their temple, you will get xp for help.
  • Join the groups and use the wiki as a resource for learning.
  • Have fun!!!
There's a lot more to Krafties, I will do more posts to explain as much as I can about Krafties. Leave a comment if you want me to cover something specific.

Kraftie Sites & Locations:

Krafties Island:
Krafties Website:
Krafties Blog:

Monday, July 22, 2013

My Second Life Bucket List

I saw this on Strawberry Singh's blog and figured I would give it a shot! In total in have been in SL since 2005, in that time I have seen a lot, been a lot of different things, and done a lot but there are always changes and new things to learn in SL. This is my first bucket list ever, here is goes.

1. SL "Partner" my SL sweetheart, you know who you are. *tries to hide and not die of embarrassment*

2. Learn Blender, Zbrush and how to make UV Maps so I can make some real good mesh items in SL.

3. Learn how to make mesh clothing, so I could make custom ToddleeDoo Clothing.

4. Own a full sim one day, I would so go crazy with 15K prims!!! I would totally make a Family RP sim.

5. Run  for student council at Willowdale Elementary.

6. Get really active in the Meerket Scouts.

7. Be able to give back to the SL community & world though volunteering for something big like Relay for Life.

8. Help champion the rights of SL kids and educate others, show the SL world what we are really about.

9. Organize a large and fun event for SL kids and their families.

10. Get involved in SL sports, I would love to skydive, sail, wrestle or anything else fun like that.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Magicland Electric Light Parade and Fireworks

After Meerkat Scouts I headed overs to Magicland because they were having their Electric Light Parade and Fireworks and I had never seen it before. It was amazing, I felt whisked away to California like I was watching it for reals. I blew Cinderella a kiss and she blew one back to me!! Even Micky Mouse said hi to me, it was a very exciting evening! Here are just some of the pictures from it.

You  can see all of the pictures from the evening here:

My Storytelling Badge!

Today I attended the Meerkat Scout meeting and we did storytelling around da fire, Mr BillyBob started the story and then we went around in a circle and added to da story. I was so much fun! For participating and adding to the story I got my bery first badge, the Storytelling badage.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

ZETA GAMMA XI Diva Prom 2013

I was asked by da beautiful and sweet, Shy Renierd Davenport, to go with  her to the Diva Prom hosted by ZETA GAMMA XI ...and of course I said yes! Leading up to prom we both made our outfits, Shy made so many great dresses, she is very talented! It was a lot of fun getting ready for prom and I had so so much fun at prom! I couldn't have wished for a better date for prom. <3

You can see all of the pictures I took here:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Family Outing!

Went out today with my parents, we went to Discovery {Presented by Animagique and Downtown-D} at, and we had a blast! If you haven’t explored this great little place I highly suggest that you do! The  rides were so smooth and just like the real thing, the movies were entertaining. My favorite ride was Space Mountain, I think I could ride it over and over! Our little trip there was great, I felt like I was running around a RL park with my parents. I was shocked when I zoomed out and saw that it was only 1/4  of a sim. The whole build is beautiful, here are some pictures from our trip.

You can see all of the pictures I took here:


Welcome to my little blog about my life in Second Life. In my blog I will talk about my family, friends, what’s its like running a business as a kid in SL for kids, going to school and anything else that I might want to share. I have the most amazing family in SL,  I am very proud to be the son of Dayna & Brys DeBlayde!! They have warmly and lovingly welcomed me into their family and home. I know most of us kids wish to find our forever family and I believe in my heart that I have! So thank you Momma & Dadda for showing me so much love and being there for me!